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This is a versatile gardening companion based on pioneer era tools. It features a short edge with a steep grind for heavy chopping, a crescent edge for cutting tap roots underground (whether for harvesting or weeding), and a long edge with a shallow grind for fine carving and cutting.

Uses include:

  • Harvesting fruit and vegetables
  • Removing large weeds by cutting the tap root
  • Slicing and cutting twine, hessian, and other garden necessities
  • Clearing woody vegetation and brush
  • Chopping compost and garden waste
  • Coppicing stumps to encourage new growth

Comes in a beautiful handmade leather sheath designed to fit belts with a maximum width of 50mm (2"). Wearing one of these on your belt while gardening will make you feel ten feet taller (as well as making a host of tasks that much easier). Beautifully made and a pleasure to use.

It is hand-made from 3.4mm thick 1075 Carbon Steel heat-treated to a hardness of 58 HRC. It features an elegant hand-forged hanging hook that stays well away from your wrist during use, but facilitates easy storage when you’re done working.

A standout feature of this knife are the handle scales, which are carved from 150 year old Blakely’s Red Gum (Eucalyptus blakelyi) reclaimed from fence posts at Cuppacumbalong Homestead. Blakely’s Red Gum saw prominent use in construction during the pioneer era, and the fence-line from which this timber was reclaimed dates to works conducted at Cuppacumbalong in the 1870’s along the Murrumbidgee river in Tharwa.

This is a superior tool with an intense connection to an iconic Australian homestead. Not only does this tool incorporate reclaimed material from Cuppacumbalong Homestead, but it was handmade in situ by bladesmiths from Tharwa Valley Forge at their Cuppacumbalong workshop.

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Please read these important care instructions. By following these instructions you will ensure that this tool becomes an heirloom destined to be passed down to the next generation.


Overall Length 325mm
Blade Length 175mm
Handle Length 105mm
Blade Width (max) 28mm
Weight 220g
Steel 3.4mm 1075 high Carbon
Hardness 58HRC